Consolidating the ink in my locker quickly became an ugly task when I was forced to address my gray problem.  Mixing a new shade of gray for every new screenprint?  Probably unnecessary.

I wrote a little something about my aforementioned internship for the ASU Art Museum’s blog.  Printmaking nerd.  Yup.

The exhibition I curated as part of my crazy awesome internship in the Jules Heller Print Study Room is now up in the ASU Art Museum.  I am very proud of this show and am excited for people to view it!  If you’re in the Phoenix area, go see yourself some prints by Sue Coe, […]

Photoshop was bumming me out so I rode off into the sunset. My hands were happy to grip handlebars instead of being crunched over a keyboard and mouse. One day, when I live far away from this city, I will think of the sunsets and cry a single tear.