I watched Chinatown for the first time the other week and became really distracted by that framed piece hanging on the wall of Evelyn Mulwray’s bedroom.  Love love love that format–the ratio of the image to the matting to the frame is perfect.  Not to mention the shapes!  Those shapes! I swear I was paying […]

Through a chain of links I followed while researching Wunderkammers I discovered my latest art crush: Italian artist Seb Patane.  This guy had his work displayed at MoMA and The Tate before he was even 40.  His work makes me want to go crazy on some old proofs I have…

Who said artists don’t do research?

We had some truly amazing grads receive their MFAs this semester at Arizona State University.  They have all given me valuable advice and assistance in the studio, as well as being genuinely awesome people who I am very appreciative for.  Caroline Battle, Dana LeMoine, Rachel Nore, Rossitza Todorova, you guys are great!

This is what finals looked like. Three final projects, two five page essays, a fixed litho press, a jammed galley press, a bout of food poisoning, and more blood, sweat, tears, and stress headaches than I care to number later…and I have entered the last summer break of my undergraduate career. These people deserve to […]

I wanted my first litho to poke at the machismo associated with this particular print medium.  The commentary would have been more successful if I had etched my stone properly, but such is the finicky way of printmaking.  On the bright side, now I have a new embroidery project.

The Air Near Your Fingers, 2012 Drypoint etching and monotype My lines on this drypoint were very shallow and delicate, which made it super frustrating to print.  So I ignored it for four months, and now I’m starting to like it a little again….